Mural Story’s

A Journey of Visual Expressions!


1700sf – 19’ X 90’

This is a mural of universal inspiration based on the yoga philosophy. This brush style mural has the seven chakras over the galaxy of astrological zodiac star alignments. The design was created by Artist Norman Ayles of Normaste Arts and painted by the WKI Mural Crew.

@ Solfire Yoga – 2613 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

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(“GRIT is Preceded by Believing in a DREAM”)

(“Educations Turns Mirrors Into Windows”)

2,500sf – 125’ X 20’ 

This production took 6 seasons to produce. Sacramento’s secret of 2,500sf sharing a message of students should take their education seriously. Its a story of two youth breaking the possible influential strings through the quest of receiving an education. Traveling to the various attractions ready & a team to fulfill that plan. Running into a perseverance 1 wall to overcome, find their balance. graduate high school, to learn reality college paths. The longer more challenged perseverance 2 staircases arrive at student ready for college bound self. Receiving awards of finding a career they can themselves striving for.

This project had a two year budget but I agreed to complete. Facing east & located on an area used for school activities schedules were in bursts then on hold.

@ Encina High Preparatory High School

1400 Bell Street, Sacramento, CA 95825

Artists: Solo

Wes Kos Images

“Our Pets/Our Family!”

1,600sf – 20’ X 80’

We were first commissioned to add this mural into the community as an attraction for their annual country faire. It turned out to be so much more! We only started with only 5 pet family members but soon this developed and grew into 55 pets on both walls. This is an honoring project for their four legged family members in Rio Linda, CA. We met many great folks in this community that have their pets on the wall and what it means to them knowing they are visually immortalized. This was an ongoing production slowly adding the pets into the scene over two murals seasons. 

@ Rio Linda Veterinary Clinic

432 M Street, Rio Linda, CA 95673

Artists: Team

Wes Kos Images / Normaste Arts / PinkStreet Art

“The UnderWater Y”

1,000sf – 112′ X 9′

The beginning of ARTners started here on this community mural production. WKI had an ongoing relationship painting signs & logos at the facility but needed assistance & found Pinkstreet Art. This became a duel donation project for the members of the YMCA & surrounding community.

@ Sacramento Central YMCA

2021 W Street, Sacramento, CA 95618

Artists: Team

Wes Kos Images / 2 artists

The “RIO MUSIC” Project

(Passion | Creativity | Swing)

1,500sf – 17’ X 90’ 

Initially this was only half the size but we wanted to make a statement to the community how important the band program is at this school. WKI donated the additional needed supplies and time to develop this project. It took multiple seasons to produce and once it was completed it stood for 4 years until the building was demolished and replaced with a state of the art facility.

@ Rio Americano High School

4540 American River Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864

Artists: Solo

Wes Kos Images

“The St. Robert’s Project”

(4 individual murals)


This project comprises of four individual theme related murals. This is where my son attended school & daily I’d see this building that I felt needed something, a visual upgrade. I had some assistance, during an arranged meeting with school & church, to introduce the idea & the interested artist, Father Kiernan McMahon spoke first & shared his vision. When he finished everyone thought he already met with me. We never spoke until a week later where we instantly connected. One mural grew into four murals with the centerpiece “St. Robert Life” is a testament for families of why we send our children here for school & spiritual guidance.

@ St. Robert Catholic Parish/School

2251 Irvin Way, Sacramento, CA 95622

Artists: Solo

Wes Kos Images


“CHOICES” / “The Spartan Cafe”

1,500sf – 62’ X 25’

This was the 2nd proactive mural WKI painted at schools. This was the largest one in the WKI collection until 2019, 20 years later. This mural highlights the CHOICES we are suggested to make while we are learning in school through a tree of knowledge. These are Indicating there are 4 areas, in the canopy, of livelihood and school is a pathway to that success. Students can become contributors of their career participation in Undergraduate studies, Liberal arts, Athletics or vocational training. They are pathways to a students success if they choose to focus on their education. CHOICES is located in a part of town with high diversity and this is shown with all the different students being welcomed to Will C. Wood identified by wearing traditional clothing. These students are met by others at the truck assisting them upwards to the canopy of making those CHOICES.

The Spartan Cafe is the interior of the multipurpose cafeteria.

@ Will C. Wood Middle School

6201 Lemon Hill Drive, Sacramento, CA 95824

Artists: Team

Wes Kos Images / 10 Artists

LaserTag of Carmichael

(The Festive Castle | The Lobby Castle | The Arena Castle)


By far the largest & greatest of WKI’s productions. Family owned business owners & I had arranged an ongoing project as they remodeled their business. Starting in the party rooms the creative works grew into the customer lobby area & game arena. WKI had various medieval themed artwork everywhere over a castle patterned wall. In the final stages of production the business closed. Unfortunate for the entire community. 

@ LaserTag of Carmichael

6031 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael, CA 95608

Artists: Solo

Wes Kos Images


300sf – 15’ X 20’

This was a unique project at the time. Sacramento’s first mural expression event sponsored from the Sacramento Kings. 15ish artists were commissioned to paint murals to be installed on various billboards. WKI, myself & Chuck Berry III painted our mural in a week timeline. This mural was installed on I-80 & Madison Avenue traveling northbound. Very cool to see how the city responded to this movement. This successful community event inspired the future WKI Sacramento Mural Tour.

Greater Sacramento Region

I-80 & Madison Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95842

Artists: Team

Wes Kos Images – Markos Egure / Chuck Berry III



20 years this production has existed in Sacramento’s most seen children’s activity center. Painted in 2001 these murals have engaged the imagination of kids in this entire region. I personally remember going here & to have creative work here so long it’s pretty cool! There was a team of us artists, including my mom, who all contributed to these projects.

@ Fairytale Town

3901 Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95822

Artists: Team

Wes Kos Images / 8 artists


This was our 1st ARTners team mural production project, which eventually pivoted into our program titled Mural Expressions. “HUMANITY” is a 300’x11′ long community awareness mural that stretches on Sacramento city block long, located in a ‘watch-your-surroundings’ alley. The mural concept, funded by the California Endowment, was designed in contrast to the standard Wide Open Walls Festival’s mural processing. Our mural production took a foundational approach to achieve our murals-with-messaging goal. The ARTners Nonprofit team of 20 various independent artists were determined to complete our social-conscious awareness mural. Overcoming the initial limited budget, no application supplies and we even fundraised our own completion budget. “HUMANITY” is composed of 17 smaller murals of individual life stories, evenly spaced, side by side, the entire length of the project from showing our humanities beginnings to our possible future. These cells are irregular shapes with a 3D illusion as if the wall has been broken away with cracks joining the cells. The mural title word humanity, 100’ wide by 11’ tall., is spelled out, as individual cells, this word is balanced in the middle of the entire piece from 7th street to 8th street. Additional ‘Power Words’ are painted on the 15 trash dumpsters that sit in front of our mural. These are painted as a statement of individual messages. Interpreted, as a visual metaphor, of what values and morals we are “throwing away” or identifying those words of “daily trash” today.

@ Improve Alley (7th & 8th)

917 7th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Artists: Team

Wes Kos Images / 16 artists