WKI values mural messaging, creative process, client relations and the final result.

However, as much as WKI would love to meet, design and produce each opportunity, it’s imperative that interested clients do the research of the WKI’s past creative actions.

WKI projects are a journey, meaning these creative works take many many hours to build. Each production is managed differently to our clients needs.

ARTners Non Profit

Markos Egure is the Co-Founder and Vice President of the ARTners Non Profit.

ARTners participates in many community events, creating, inspiring and educating with youth, young adults, adults and elderly.  Helping the community express themselves in a creative, positive, cultural and healthy way.  ARTners would like to work with your community!

Mural Expressions

Markos Egure is the Creative Director that oversees Mural Expressions.

Mural Expressions is a program within the ARTners Non Profit, that is in charge of the ARTners murals and also is the program that has proposed the project WX Mural Museum to the City of Sacramento and CALTRANS

Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Associations

Markos Egure is the Director of Public Relations Creative Outreach of the Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association Non Profit.  

Wes Kos Images and ARTners often overlap in creative fundraising events.

WKI’s Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour

Beginning in 2014 “THE WKi SACRAMENTO MURAL TOUR” (2014-2021) was the first of its kind, in Sacramento, escorting interested viewers on a personal guided tour of a one-of-a-kind mural art learning experience. These murals feature the works from the Sacramento Mural Company, Wes Kos Images, established in Sacramento in 1997.  Take a tour, enjoy the travel and view these particular murals-of-significance. Hear the meanings of the process of these WKi productions. Murals of beauty, inspirations, awareness and honoring. (Greater Sacramento Area – 45 mile long)