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What’s up Sacramento! Help WESKOSIMAGES win this Sacramento Republic FC grant for Latino owned small businesses. It’s based on the number of votes!  Thank you for your support and please share with all your networks!!  This is an opportunity to win one of three grants, $5,000, $2,500 or $1,000.  We would appreciate winning any one of the grants given. 
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"STEM Rooted"
Mural Unveiling

“STEM Rooted” mural unveiling located in Sacramento, CA at La Familia Counseling Center Maple Campus. WKI was commissioned to paint a proactive mural of STEM education promotion with structural and other symbolic identities indicated that STEM progression was started in the cultures of the many ancestries of the indigenous people from around the globe. Bonded by a flow of colorful lines traveling to other murals. This is a 4-surface mural, 3 sides and 1 ceiling also is incorporating another mural produced by artist Andrew Patterson in 2009. WKI added the connection of the “STEM Rooted” from the main face surface and attached two other relative murals. On the Franklin Blvd side it is title “What Was to What Is” two hands with a ball of energy hold and covet the original mural of a school scene, this place has a foundation, it was a S.C.U.S.D. Maple Elementary School for 50 years. It is now a place that still offers support, opportunities and education. The hallway side seen from parking lot entrance is for us, titled “La Familia’s Reach” as the energy transcends through the entire mural it ends/begins with us. Two hands in opposite directions, one reaching to the community and one receiving the community reaching back. A tribute of the service of giving back.