Company / Artist - Testimonials:

"UnderWater Y" - 2013, Sacramento, CA

“My Arthritis Class, M/W/F has had the privilege of watching the growth of the project.  We have enjoyed and admired the underwater world emerging.  We loved to talk to about all the changes we saw each time from the pool water.  You and Teresa have created a wonderful water world on once was a drab patio."

Pat Wolfe, Arthritis Instructor, YMCA Sacramento Central

"UnderWater Y" - 2013, Sacramento, CA

“My 5 year old and I had the privilege of watching Markos and Teresa create this amazing "UnderWater Y" mural.  Markos always welcomed our questions, telling us stories about the process and making it more than art.  I was amazed watching a blank wall transform into an underwater seascape.  I kept thinking it was almost done and whole new level of life was brought to it."

Lamaia Coleman, Parent/Member, YMCA Sacramento Central

Maloof Sports & Entertainment Productions - 2004-2011, Sacramento, CA

“Wes Kos Images has been a crucial painting resource for many years. He’s reliable and flexible.”

Casey Catlette, Design Manager, Maloof Sports and Entertainment

“The Flowers” - 2007, Residential, Sacramento, CA

"Wes Kos Images painted a garden mural in my little girls bedroom after discussing what I wanted. Mr. Egure was able to paint exactly what I wanted. The job is beautiful! He was also able to change and/or add images that were not in the original design.”

Stephanie Kauss, Mother / Homeowner

“NICHOLAS” - 2005, Nicholas Elementary School, Sacramento, CA

“Watching our mural take shape was exciting and interesting not only to employees but parents and students alike. The exposer our students received from the world of an artist was rewarding and life long. Our artist earned the respect of all who watch him work.”

Olga Bautista, Principal, Nicholas Elementary School

Curves Fitness Logo - 2005 Curves - South Land Park, Sacramento, CA

“Your professionalism and sincerity was exemplary. You exceeded my exceptions! I will be happy to refer clients to you and I’m proud to say I know the artist when I get the opportunity.”

Amy Eddy, Executive Manager

“Sacramento History”, “Reading Takes You Places” , “Dive In” - 2004 Arco Arena’s Skyline Restaurant, Parkway Elementary School, Garden Valley Elementary School

“Markos is not only an unbelievable artist but so kind and easy to work with. I love that he never says no to us”

Heather Vaughan, Director of Creative Services, Maloof Sports and Entertainment"

“Sacramento History” - 2004, Arco Arena’s Skyline Restaurant, Sacramento, CA

“You and your staff were a pleasure to work with, always professional and here when you said you would be, working around the clock to finish the mural on time. We could have not asked for more. You showed great creativity and flexibility as the mural unfolded. Running various ideas by us, until you were satisfied with the efforts.”

Traci L. Gemmell, Director of Premium Dining, Arco Arena

“A Bulldog’s Life” - 2001, Fern Bacon Basic Middle School, Sacramento, CA

“Markos is a true professional. He has worked with us to help beautify our campus by developing murals which represent the Fern Bacon Community."

Lynne Tafoya, Principal, Fern Bacon Basic Middle School

“Fairytale Town Project” - 2001, Fairytale Town, Sacramento, CA

“Since the mural has been painted, the way the children play in the castle has changed. We wanted the mural to spark creative play, and we’re noticing children are interacting directly with the painted characters and inventing storylines.”

Jessica Hartwell, Marketing Director, Fairytale Town

 "Rainforest" , “Underwater Ocean” - 2000, Kaiser Permanente Ped. E, South Sacramento, CA

“He was very easy to work with in a business sense and an artistic sense. He wasn’t a difficult artist that had to have it his way. He would attempt to meet our needs. He was much more customer oriented.”

Scott Heisler, Pediatrics Manager, Kaiser Permanente, South Sacramento

“CHOICES” - 1999, Will C. Wood Middle School, Sacramento, CA

“He has a very good business sense. He’s in tune with people. He takes the message from the person he’s working for and he turns it into something creative.”

Mary Lyn Kagen, Kagen & Associates, An educational consulting firm