Murals are listed in these identified categories for what "TYPE OF" production it was.  Some will cross reference categories and some of these murals are on the "2015 WKI Sacramento Mural Tour".

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2014-2016  ("MURALS IN CURRENT PRODUCTION") these projects are happening at some point right now.  Either in design mode or in the field mural painting.

Productions  ("MURAL PRODUCTIONS") that are larger-than-life, have a multiple wall scene or multiple locations and/or took a significant amount of time to create.  These community/commercial murals are highly viewable by a various people in the region due to there location.  Most of these murals are above 1,500 sq. ft. in size)

Community  ("COMMUNITY MURAL PRODUCTIONS") that are larger-than-life and that are specific only to a neighborhood community.  These community murals may be highly viewable if located in a traveled area but mostly productions at schools, apartment open areas and/or family entertainment centers.  Some of these murals were produced as an "Creative Program Class")

Residential  ("RESIDENTIAL PRODUCTIONS") that are painted in someone home.  WKI is mostly painting in the community but every once-in-awhile WKI is commissioned for interior residential work.  More of these projects in the future)     

Commercial ("COMMERCIAL PRODUCTIONS") that are painted in a business location and/or in the community for a business marketing purposes)


PICTURESQUE  (Scenic - Portraits - Realism)

BEFORE             2007 - "The Pacific Pumas"             AFTER

TROMPE L' OEIL (3D Depth Setting Illusions)

MURAL REALISM      2002 - "The Pool Room"      MURAL ILLUSION

GRAPHICS AND FAUX  (Whimsical - Patterns - Textures)

2010 - "Gabriel & Joseph"                 2008 - Holm's Wood Works Sign 2

SIGNS AND LOGOS (Lettering - Company Names)

2008 - Reading & Learning Center 8 - Oak Ridge Elementary




INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR   ( walls -  ceilings  -  floors )                                                                                        3D OBJECTS AND SURFACES   ( prop art  -  furniture  -  etc. )


CREATING "DYNAMIC EXPRESSIONS"                                                                            When a Picture or Poster "Simply" will not do.