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SPRING 2017 - As The Spring SEASON begins we're ready for this years productions, it's almost here!!!  Over the winter early this January WKI along with founding ARTner, PinkStreet Art, opened The ARTners Collaborative, a multi use facility in Uptown Sacramento!  Along with monthly art shows we have a list of ongoing mural productions in action.  This is a list/images of our 2016 ongoing productions and recently completed murals and creative paintings.


"GRIT DREAM" -  Encina High School - 2,500sf

"BRYTNESS HAPPENING" -  BCCT High School - 500sf

"WHITE ROCK VISIONS" -  Mercy Housing - 220sf

"WALDORF NATURE" -  Cameilia Waldorf - 300sf

"PETIE BOY KINGS" -  Private Residence - 500sf

ARTners Creative Workshops -  Uptown Sacramento / Mobile

"RIO MUSIC DOS" - Rio Americano High School - 1,500sf

2nd Ave UNDERPASS - Oak/Curtis Park - 2,500sf

Sign 1 - Franklin Blvd - 700sf


(COMPLETED) - Company Sign - Viking Driller Inc. - 500sf

(COMPLETED) - Company Signs - Indoor Sun Hydro - 1,000sf

(COMPLETED) - "OUR PETS/FAMILY!" -  Rio Linda Veterinary Clinic - 1,500sf

(COMPLETED) - "TRANSCENDENCE" -  Solfire Yoga - 1,700sf

(COMPLETED) - Company Sign - Classic CHROME - 500sf


"GRIT DREAM" is a 125'x20' (2,500sf) mural production located at Encina Preparatory High School, located in the Arden Arcade community of Sacramento, CA.  This mural production messaging is like another mural here in Sacramento ("CHOICES") but not like many others.  It isn't a reactive message with opinions but a pro-active messages of facts about taking this part of your free education seriously and the results one may achieve if chosen to do so and start here.  The first message is "GRIT is proceeded by believing in a DREAM" for every dream one must have grit to persevere and honestly try to make it happen for themselves.  The secondary message is from journalist Sydney J. Harris, "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."

"TRANSCENDENCE" is a 115'x15' (1,700sf) mural production located at Solfire Yoga, the midtown community of Sacramento, CA.  This mural production messaging is a message of humanity moving through each of our 7 Chakras traveling into our total awareness of our journey

"Our Pets/Family!" is a 95'x15' (1400sf) mural production located at The Rio Linda Veterinary Clinic in Rio Linda, CA.  This is the second of two beautification murals in Rio Linda under the mission direction from The Rio Linda Elverta Country Faire Committee.  Wes Kos Images and RLE joined to create a movement for the community in promoting the 2014 annual country faire.  As "Our Pets/Family!" mural production grew in size and pet representation a second phase and third phase completed in 2016.

"1 LOVE UNLIMITED" this 8'x3' community portable mural was painted for Crocker Art Museum Block to Block Festival.  A 1-day outreach event of visual and performing arts bringing a high level event to urban based part of town.  Sharing the production with Pinkstreet Art we had a blast producing a live painting!  This event was held on July 10th in the Colonial Heights/Tahoe Park South neighborhoods.


"INDOOR SUN HYDRO" - 6060 Warehouse Way, Sacramento, CA

"NORCAL ROOFING" - 6111 Warehouse Way, Sacramento, CA

"VIKING DRILLERS" - 801 Northport Drive, West Sacramento

"CLASSIC CHROME" - 6448 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento, CA


- 2017 Latest Projects Updates Include -

(( Further details/images to follow if and when all business is concluded ))

1. Private School Ball Walls (160sf)

2. Sacramento Kings Kid Room Projects (Entire Room)

3. WKI Community Mural Festival (TBA - ?sf)