Affiliations & Identities of  WKI:

----  Affiliations ---- 

The Wes Kos Images ART World has a few ARTners that we connect to and support along the way.  WE'RE all small business and in the movement of living our passions.  Here are a few to check out.


VINREADY FITNESS:  This CSU Chico graduate is on his way to getting Sacramento fit with his full body workout.  He specializes in Yoga / Training / TRX,  Once you make the choice to see you'll know.  VinReady will make your realize you've been ready. He is mobile Sacramento regional but you can find him often teaching or instructing at Robles Fitness on North B Street in Sacramento, CA

NORMASTE ART:  You can find this guy in many artistic callings.  Murals, paintings and tattoos working out the 7th Eye shop on 7th Street in downtown Sacramento.  A block aways from the G1C arena.  Normaste Art visions of the soul can also be found on FB and IG Normasteart808.

LA MEX TAQUERIA:  LMT has had our interest ever since they opened in 1998.  WKI painted their first mobile food truck, their once restaurant and graphic support for their next food truck.  These guys are everywhere all over the region but if you get a chance you can find them on Northgate Blvd. from time to time when they aren't contracted out elsewhere.

----  Identities  ---- 

WES KOS IMAGES:  The prime identity is a company that produces murals and other creative painting products.  WKI also is a graphic design company that may design marketing material packages and logos.  Upon completion of logos we we can also paint design onto pretty much any surface.


WKi2 STUDIO GALLERY:  Our studio/gallery was open from 3/1/14 - 9/1/15 and was located in (midtown) Sacramento, CA.  The WKi2 Studio Gallery was open daily but focused our events for resident and guest artist every 2nd Saturday of each month.  We hosted various art and entertainment shows to promote the artists works.

DRAFICS artineering:  A division of WKI, we create marketing products geared towards the Land Development Planning and Engineering Industry.  We produce graphics / drafting / mapping / line work concepts / color renderings / freehand illustration / digital design output / etc. for planners and engineers