Media / Press:

Listed are television/newspaper web links, newspaper hard-copies and an overall WKI media list of stories titles throughout the WKI artistic career.  WKI is (I am) very honored to be featured in each of these newspaper write ups and TV shows, WKI (I do) appreciates the writers who come out to see the work on-site and the television shows for having a WKI product be a part of their production vision.

Television Appearances:

-- 2014 D.I.Y. Network YardCore --

WKI was a part of a design team for a DIY NETWORK - YARDCORE production site adding some artwork to the overall design.  Looking forward to the TV time once again.  These projects are very exciting to be a part of.  WKI will keep folks informed and let you know, when we know.  This was a different kind of show, WKI was really didn't have much verbal air time but we'll see how the editing goes.  Filming dates were December 19th & 20th, 2013.  

-- 2013 D.I.Y. Network Yard Crashers --

WKI hopes that everyone has seen the 2013 television debut on the very DIY NETWORK - YARD CRASHERS  "Retro Chic" episode, filmed, November 2012.

"Retro Chic" - Residence Homeowners / Host: Matt Blashaw & ME                                         2013 - 20'x8'

Newspaper Write Ups (Links):

(Write ups below are about WKI and/or WKI Productions)

Valley Community Newspapers - East Sacramento News (April 3, 2014)

The Sacramento Bee - Our Region Section (December 8, 2013)
(See Newspaper Copy Below - Offline @ Sac Bee sometime in 2014) - Artist of the Month (May 2013)

San Juan Unified School District - Cameron Ranch Elementary (October 13, 2013)

Sacramento Press - The "RIO MUSIC" Project (May 2013)

(The write up below only shows a WKI Community Mural Image & Visual Impact Quote)

The Sacramento Bee - Neighborhood Reality Story - (February 3, 2013)

The Sacramento Bee - Gallery Images - "WKI Visual Impact" (pic 23 of 24)

(A write up on a WKI Community Mural Project & one of the reasons I donated to this community mural - MATCH a WKI Mural Production to the RIO Music Program )
San Juan Unified School District - The "RIO MUSIC" Project (February 2013)

San Juan Unified School District - Jazz Band Program (February 2013)

Newspaper Hard-copies:

2000 - Sacramento Bee - Business Section

2004 - Sacramento Bee - City Scene Section

2013 - Sacramento Bee - Our Region Section

Media Listings: