The 2017 WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery 2.0 is a "Self-Guided" artistic mural tour event.  This exterior mural tour is about 45 miles long and 4 hours of travel/viewing time (20 minutes per site) if all 8 sites are viewed.  "WKI Sacramento Mural Tour" can be launched from any point of designation but to connect to our main art scene it begins and ends in Downtown/Midtown area.

This is a Sacramento thing for us and beyond WKI!  Lets begin with a FB/IG incentives.  If you take the tour (all 8 sites) photo document your visit and leave one comment on FaceBook and/or InstaGram WKI will send you one WKI Mural T-shirt in appreciation of you spreading the positive words.

Enjoy and Thank You for checking these out!!!