Biography - Wes Kos Images: 

Markos Egure the founder of Wes Kos Images is a dedicated muralist, creative painter, graphic artist and businessman. The man behind the successful Sacramento Mural Company Wes Kos Images.  “Artist First Artist Always” is one part of the artistic mission the other is practicing the art of doing good business. Established in 1997, this self taught professional artist and business 101 educated, Markos/Wes Kos Images, has produced numerous productions throughout the Northern Sacramento Region extending California Statewide.

Markos produces various types of art under three different artistic banners/identities.  Wes Kos Images (murals & creative paintings, graphic design);  DRAFICS (engineering drafting, graphics, renderings); (express personal paintings and graphic design products).  This Biography focuses on the WKI story/information but check out his other talents as well.

          1999 - "CHOICES"                                         2012 - "RIO Music Project"

Getting Started in the Arts

Markos artistic inclinations came to light at an early age, when his second grade teacher pointed out to his mother how Mark (back then) would erase and rewrite his name over and over on his papers until it was written as perfectly as possible.

Growing up, Markos was consistently influenced by the surroundings of his neighborhood's multi-ethnic culture, stories from his parents agricultural roots to their industrial labor jobs and the birth of the 80's underground Hip-Hop Graffiti Art movement.  The mid 1980's, as a high school experimental artist, Markos unknowingly began the process of his artistic life mission, murals & creative paintings that would re-emerge in his young adult life.

After graduating high school, Markos threw his artist journey on the back burner and pursued a CADD drafting/design career and graduated from ITT Technical Institute in 1990 with an AS Degree.  He got a position in "Safe Job America" but quickly felt stifled by his limited education, corporate policy confinement and the daily cubical world blues.  (He did enjoy the work itself, however, and launched a division of WKI "DRAFICS" (1997-2007 and looks to the future to relaunch once again).  Obligations of single fatherhood kept him in his cubical job until he was finally conditioned enough to venture out on his own.

After a first attempt at an artistic business in 1993 failed, he returned back to engineering drafting employment but now clearly understanding the realities of "self-employment".  He applied and was accepted to the San Francisco Academy of Art College in 1995 (though he did not attend due to his level of parental involvement he wanted to share/influence his son Vincent).  In 1996, nearly ten years after graduation, Markos was commissioned to produce his first public professional mural "TOGETHERNESS" located then at his son Vincent’s preschool, Graceday Childcare, in Downtown Sacramento.

With that commission this 17'x9' mural production would be the first of many mural productions to follow.  WKI was professionally relaunched in 1997, and worked on growing that alongside his engineering consulting division.  In 2007, as the civil engineering industry busted, murals and creative paintings became the prime and Markos has seen success as a full-time mural and creative painter ever since.

Building an Artistic Business

Established professionally in 1997, Wes Kos Images serves as the mural and creative painting side to Markos' artistic business.  Wes Kos Images has produced numerous murals and creative paintings throughout the Sacramento region, as well as statewide throughout California.

His business has grown exponentially since it began, and today WKI has earned an extensive list of clients, with mural productions and paintings as an everyday occurrence.  Markos' WKI current goal is to reach 200 individual public pieces of artwork, and he/WKI is already at 175 (2013) murals and creative paintings.

He identifies his work in different special project groups listings due to the way the project relates (family/base of operations radius/communities/region). (1) "The Family Alma Mater Projects", which includes 28 pieces on his family's schools; (2) "The South Sacramento Community 'MCP' Projects", made up of 47 pieces within Markos' own neighborhood community of over 40 years; (3) "South of the River Projects", 87 pieces found from the American River to the Elk Grove northern city limits; (4) "Community Mural Projects" various projects that are specific to a neighborhood community seen only by those within that community  (5) "Sacramento Mural Projects",  various hi-profile viewable murals & creative paintings in and around the Sacramento region, projects are seen by many people because of there location or size of production.  (Projects are listed on multiple categories due to how they relate and/or where they are located)  Currently ongoing is the "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour" - 38 individual pieces on 12 different locations throughout Sacramento with the 12th location under creative development.

Markos/WKI is looking forward to the next level of inspiring visual contributions.  With 21 years of the artist lifestyle under his belt and 17 professional years with Wes Kos Images.

Artist Markos and his Egure family artistic supporters

                        1997 - "Xicano Art"                                                     2001 - "The Game"


2001 - "King Arthur's Castle"                               2002 - "The Spartan Cafe"

Another very personal and rewarding achievement to Markos is that his family has added their personal touch (his son Vincent, his mama Irma and recently his dad John).  His son being raised and influenced with murals and community art his entire life, it would be only a matter of time before Vincent would discover the passion and become a dependable resource to Wes Kos Images (2006-2011).  Especially in 2010 when Vincent stepped up to cover duties for Markos' major on-the-job injury & recovery.  Vincent stayed true until his college life came calling and now is pursuing his Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology degrees at California State University Chico.

Wes Kos Images holds a special place for all those who believed in the dream!  Even if you didn’t know it at the time AND just needed a “DYNAMIC EXPRESSION”!  I/WKI THANKS YOU for your project!!!

WKI Artist List (1999-2013):

"Vincent Egure", Chuck Berry, Delia Lopez, Teresa Gutierrez, Brian Heath, Sara Garanett, Greg Iron, Shelandra Singh, Bryn Mosher, Alex Escalante, Cynthia Bonillia, Ray Custer, "Irma Egure", Dan Lorenzo, Rita Alverez, Steven Lee Pate, Angela Lorenzo, Mark Freeman II, Emilo Lopez and Steve Jumel

“I would like to Thank ALL the "artist" that have assisted with ME/WKI with mural productions, graphic design. 3D modeling and general company involvement.  Your contribution helped shape the identity of Wes Kos Images of what it is today.  Who'd ever think this vision would continue to go this far.  Some of you have moved along and others have remained (the dedicated artist) but I sincerely believe that your experience here was a beginning and/or an assistance to your own creative endeavors.  "Peace & Love" - "Creative Craziness. Ongoing..."

2014 - Markos Egure, President, WKI Global Operations

Artist - Vincent Egure

2009 "Eco Sunface Flowers"